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Associate Professor, Australian Catholic University

Lenore Adie is Associate Professor in Teacher Education and Assessment and Senior research Fellow at the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education (ILSTE), Australian Catholic University (ACU). Her research focuses on these two interconnected strands of investigation, in particular, assessment in initial teacher education, and teacher assessment and judgement-making practices, including moderation of student work.

Lenore’s current body of writing exemplifies these two research strands and includes research on changing school assessment culture, reviews into teachers’ use of data, and the introduction of teaching performance assessments into initial teacher education.

Lenore’s research examines the policy and practice contexts of a range of assessment processes. She has partnered with schools and education authorities in these endeavours. Currently, she is leading the ARC Linkage Project (LP180100046) Improving teacher assessment capability using scaled annotated exemplars of achievement standards in online moderation in collaboration with assessment and measurement specialists, and working with teachers across two Australian states and with state, independent and Catholic education authorities.

Another current project includes the Standards and Moderation (SAM) Project, hosted by ILSTE (ACU) which involves the design and implementation of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA) into teacher education programs. In this project, collaboration is currently with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, teacher educators from 18 Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) across five Australian states, and industry partners. The project has led research into the use of digital architecture in the cross-institutional moderation of the GTPA in efforts to establish evidence of the quality of teacher education in Australia, as well as for formative use by HEIs to inform curriculum review and program renewal. The SAM project also includes a longitudinal study of preservice teachers’ progression through a teaching degree program through the utilisation of customised digital architecture that will provide evidence to inform policy.

Other work includes reviews into the use of data walls in schools and the use of learning progressions to inform teaching and assessment practices. Lenore’s recent publications in leading international journals and publishing houses, including Routledge and Springer, encompass her interest in assessment practices across all phases of education. Forthcoming books include Achieving accountability through collaboration in initial teacher education: Another pathway for teaching performance assessments (Wyatt-Smith, Adie & Nuttall, 2021, Springer), and Performance assessment, standards and evidence: Professionalising teacher education and teaching (Wyatt-Smith, Adie, Haynes, & Day, 2021, Routledge).

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