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Professor, Australian Catholic University

Claire Wyatt-Smith is the Director of the Institute for Learning Sciences and Teacher Education at ACU and Professor of Educational Assessment and Literacy. She is also the Director of the Research Centre for Digital Data and Assessment in Education. Her research addresses standards, professional judgement, and the implications of digital disruption for educational assessment, learning and teacher professionalism. It also addresses literacy education, writing and teacher education and was a member of the panel (with Emeritus Professors McGaw and Louden) that reviewed NAPLAN in 2020. Most recently, her writing takes up issues of assessment reform and digital technologies, data use (and misuse) and learning analytics. The most recent outcome in this area includes a co-authored UNESCO paper Forthcoming books include Digital Disruption in Teaching and Testing: Assessments, Big Data, and the Transformation of Schooling (Wyatt-Smith, Lingard & Heck, 2021, Routledge) and Achieving accountability through collaboration in initial teacher education: Another pathway for teaching performance assessments (Wyatt-Smith, Adie & Nuttall, 2021, Springer).

Her research examines assessment as viewed through research, practice and policy and she has an extensive history of collaborations across these domains. Since 2016, she has worked with a large team of researchers, teacher educators and industry partners across 6 Australian states and territories to lead the design and implementation of the Graduate Teacher Performance Assessment (GTPA), hosted by ACU. The GTPA project is large scale. It involves research-informed approaches to professional standards, cross-institution moderation, instrument validation, and data analytics for benchmarking with 18 participating Higher Education Institutes. This work is generating new knowledge about instrument validity and reliability of judgement against an established standard, and the use of customized Performance Assessment Reports for summative purposes as well formative purposes including teacher education curriculum review and program renewal.

Other current work includes: i) an ARC funded study of teacher judgement of student samples, in collaboration with assessment and measurement specialists and education authorities in Queensland and Western Australian, and ii) a review of NAPLAN involving Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Her work has attracted funding from the Australian Research Council (Discovery and Linkage Schemes), and governments at national and state levels, as well as international educational agencies. This has supported her publications in leading international journals and publishing houses including Routledge, Sage and Springer. She is the Foundation Editor of 2 book series with Springer Publishing.

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