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Queensland Department of Education

During the project and at time of writing, Terry Gallagher is Director, Curriculum, State Schools – Teaching, Leadership, Rural and Remote, Queensland Department of Education. As a senior officer in the department, Terry is responsible for the implementation of the Australian Curriculum in Queensland State Schools, the Queensland State Schools STEM Strategy and the Health and Wellbeing curriculum provision. His role includes developing professional learning and capability development. As part of the department’s State Schools Performance section, Terry and his teams use data and school improvement models to develop student learning outcomes. This role is focussed on school improvement and as such he works with data analysis and with assessment and moderation practices that effectively support the improvement of student learning outcomes across the state.

Through his employment, Terry has extensively drawn on current educational research, and in particular, research investigating effective assessment and moderation practices. He has used these research findings to guide the formulation of policy and development of professional learning activities for teachers. In all of his professional roles there has been a data gathering and analysis component, and he has led teams to use data as an evidence base for project work.

Terry also has been involved in funding research to support strategic objectives of the Queensland education systems. He has participated as an industry partner in an ARC research project to evaluate the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: History in primary schools.

Terry has considerable experience in education in roles including a secondary school teacher, a principal policy officer in curriculum and assessment, and in his current role. He draws on this experience in developing policy and communicating research findings to teachers across the state. He has recently led the review of the Humanities and Social Sciences for the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (ACARA), which has resulted in the publication of Version 9 of the Australian Curriculum.

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